DC's Supergirl TV Series Needs a Home Because We're Long Overdue for Our Female Superhero Lead

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. Okay? DC has got nothing on Marvel in the movie arena. Marvel has never met a multimillion dollar film it doesn't like, so to speak, and its latest, Guardians of the Galaxy, is dominating the box office weekend after weekend. Add that to the fact that Marvel is turning Thor into a woman and generally doing more for women and diversity (not much more but still more) than DC and you basically have a contest that isn't really a contest. However, DC is catching up — or, at least, they will if their latest project gets off the ground. Apparently, DC has a Supergirl TV series in the works, which will give them a female superhero as their lead before Marvel. In television, anyway.

In 1984, DC Comics released a sequel to Superman called Supergirl, beating Marvel to the female superhero punch by quite a few years. The film might not have been a success, but that wasn't because Supergirl isn't an awesome heroine in her own right. In the comic books, she has had many identities but the most popular of those is as Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin who shares all of his powers and weaknesses. The TV series is set to be produced by Michael Green, the same man who did Gotham, Heroes, and most importantly Smallville.

Right now, the show is in its early stages. As in, so early that it barely even has a concept yet and definitely doesn't have a network home yet. About the only thing we do know, according E! Online, is that the CW won't be the one picking it up. They were the first ones the project was pitched to, but I guess they have their hands full with Arrow and The Flash and therefore think one more DC show would be overkill. (They're wrong, but that's beside the point.)

Marvel already reported that there won't be a female superhero movie until 2017 so the fact that DC is trying to beat them to the punch by getting us a female superhero television show before then is really great. In the first place, a television show has more potential to give us representation for years to come. With a movie, you get one shot and that's it. With a television show, you have week after week of pre-produced episodes in order to find your audience before it's considered a failure. Plus Smallville followed Superman in the years before he became Superman and it ran for 10 seasons.

I might be getting ahead of myself here, but I can already see cameos from other DC greats, I can see strong female friendships and relationships, and I can see a compelling backstory that turns a beloved character into something more human and relatable in the modern age. I see, well, the potential for us to have a female superhero on our television screens and, a few years later, back on our movie screens. I see something I'm already willing to throw my money at, is my point. Here's hoping Supergirl finds a network home so we can get this show on the road. Literally.

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