8 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

by Julia Teen

If there’s one beauty plight we all suffer alike, it’s that we find ourselves in that "awesome" situation where makeup perfectly placed a few hours ago is suddenly non-existent when it's really needed. Like right before a first date, or the biggest meeting of your career. A face that preserves perfect makeup all day seems to be a superpower achieved by a lucky few.

It’s not just a summer problem. The natural oils of your skin can make it tricky for your slap to stay put at any time of the year. Not with these tricks, though — the following tips from makeup artists will stretch the life cycle of your makeup to all day long.

Get Your Order of Operations Right

"Go moisturizer first, then a layer of primer," says Petra Strand, makeup artist and founder of Pixi Beauty. "A primer will absorb oil and prolongs your makeup wear. Then choose a foundation that gives buildable coverage while hydrating and allowing your skin to breathe."

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Don’t Over-Moisturize

It’ll just work against you. "Many moisturizers are too heavy for daytime and actually have you looking oily way too soon," says Lorac Makeup artist Dean Fournier. He recommends a gel or oil-free solution for daytime, to really seal your makeup onto your skin.

Tone It Down

A makeup artist to Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigen, Robert Sesnek, agrees. "Use a less emollient moisturizer to prep your skin, then press a single layer of a two-ply tissue to remove the excess," he says. "You’ll be hydrated but without the excess."

Think Oil-Free, All Over

Apply the oil-free mentality to your makeup as well. "Stick to oil-free foundation formulas as they will last longer on the surface of your skin," Fournier says. "Also, apply your foundation first, before concealer. This simple switch up allows for the best coverage and therefore, longer wear."

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Powder Up

Here’s the areas Fournier says to pay attention to when powdering: hairline, T-zone, and around the sides of your nose. "Use a lightweight or translucent powder with a brush to set the concealer underneath your eyes," he explains. "Powder lightly or skip it altogether on your upper cheekbones to maintain your glow."

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Blot in the Afternoon

Oily skin types can benefit from stashing blotting papers in their bags for use throughout the day. “Keep them on hand for when the oils in your skin start to show," says Fournier. “If you feel like your makeup is too heavy immediately after application, though, tap [your skin] with your ring finger or use a light facial misting spray.”

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Keep On Exfoliating

Aim for exfoliating once each week, says Sesnek. "You’ll use less foundation and it will lay down smoother and easier on exfoliated skin."

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Go For Brushes, Not Fingers

You may prefer the more natural result you get from applying foundation and cream blush with your fingertips, but L.A. makeup artist to faces including Fergie, Lady GaGa and Estelle, Christina Henry says that our fingers contain oil, “so use brushes and sponges instead to apply creamy products for a longer-lasting effect.”

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