When Does 'Girl Code' Come Back For Season 3? Soon, Ladies. Soon.

MTV's Girl Code recruits New York's best improv and sketch comedians, throws them in front of a few splashy backdrops, and lets them riff on questions of friendships, relationships, and recount some of their favorite funny stories. At the moment, the show is on hiatus between the second and third season after the last episode of Season 2. But at the May MTV upfront presentation, they renewed Girl Code for a third season, and MTV is taking the Girl Code ladies on tour. You can see them (along with the guys from Guy Code) live around the Tri-State area and one stop in Louisiana at the end of October and beginning of November. They'll be performing standup and riffing on the usual Guy and Girl talk with Q&As.

MTV hasn't given a date for the premiere of Girl Code Season 3, but Seasons 1 and 2 were filmed and aired within a year of one another, so we can probably expect Season 3 in just a few months. Since the cast is preparing to go on tour, they could delay the new season until November. Season 2 started right around Halloween, so keep your eyes out for updates around then.

And, in honor of the no-holds-barred honesty the Girl Code ladies always espouse, here are 10 moments where in the true MTV tradition, they stopped being polite and got real, complete with GIFs. If you're not already a fan of the show, you're about to start obsessively watching reruns and then you'll be like me. You won't be able to wait another second for Season 3 to premiere.

On Managing Your Expectations

When have you ever done something perfectly the first time? Sex isn't any different.

On Sexting

Everyone can see right through those booty call texts… and still answer them.

On Ladylike Behavior

Being a lady doesn't mean sticking to outdated modes of femininity.

On Photoshop

Even models don't look like models!

On Sing Alongs

Actually… not sure if that one's totally true.

On Gender Stereotypes

There are so many ways that sexism can manifest itself in relationships — don't be fooled.

On Simplicity

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.

On Loneliness

Hanging out with yourself is pretty great company.

On Loving Thyself

Everyone deserves to have confidence, no matter what you look like.

And, You Know… "Loving" Thyself

Never feel bad for taking a little personal time.

Basically, all of Girl Code can be summed up as "don't trust what the media tells you… unless it's on Girl Code."

Images: MTV; Giphy (10)