Miley Cyrus Mixed Pot Leaf Pants With A Striped Shirt, Possibly Sparking The Latest In Multi-Patterned Trends

In one Instagram photo, the incomparable Miley Cyrus rocked two distinct fashion trends in a very Miley way. Wearing mixed prints has often been considered a fashion "don't," a status which has weakened and evolved in modern times. But make no mistake — it's still a hard style to pull off. But Miley Cyrus' version of mixed prints is beyond unique and may further a trend. I'm not talking about playing dress up and prettily mixing prints — Cyrus print-mixed her leisurewear/sleepwear, and one of those patterns was, of course, the unmistakable pot leaf. The singer's love of marijuana is well-documented. It's once again part of her attire.

Remember, she did wear a pot leaf print bodysuit on the Bangerz Tour, along with these other awesomely outrageous tour outfits. And then there was the time when she wore a pot leaf onesie, while bro-ing down with Avril Lavigne. Cyrus definitely likes to get her chill on while wearing pot leaves on her person. Could see be, uh, sparking a new trend? You know, pot leaf-sprinkled chillwear, for those moments when firing up a doob makes you all lazy and laid back?

Those are loose, lounge-around-the-house-on-the-Chanel-bedding-with-my-brood-of-dogs pants. Cyrus paired those cozy bottoms with horizontal stripes and looked ready for a slumber party with her canine besties, or like she was about to go out running some errands on the quick in her beloved Los Angeles. It's somewhat of the equivalent of Britney Spears throwing her hair in a topknot and wearing sweats with Uggs while on a Starbucks run. It's not exactly high fashion, but I still really, really want to steal the look.

When mixing prints, it's often best to go really opposite with the pairings, which Cyrus did. It's better to be loud about it and almost "announce" that your prints are mixed than to try and be subtle.

As for the pot leaf chic? It's not relegated to novelty tees at mall kiosks or on the racks at Spencer Gifts anymore.

It's true that Cyrus isn't even the most famous pot lover out there (Hi, Snoop D-O-Double-G), But she could legitimize (!!!) the green leaf's status as a fashionable symbol with some of her casual clothes. It would totally be Miley-like to launch a range of pot print clothes that even non-stoners could add to their closets.

Cyrus also donned a Bob Marley tee in a recent IG pic. The reggae icon was also a pot proponent, so that's yet another instance of Cyrus celebrating her affinity for going green with her clothes.

I am predicting more Miley Cyrus pot leaf attire in her future. This is a charge that she totally needs to and could lead. It might get more conservative folks firing off heinous tweets her way, but that wouldn't stop her!

So many possibilities when it comes to pot fashion.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram (3)