Kris Jenner Got Kanye on Her Show but Scott Disick Might Be Her Knight in Shining Fur Coat

It was reported yesterday that Kris Jenner managed go convince daughter Kim Kardashian's baby daddy Kanye West to appear on her talk show Kris, but now there's a new rumor about which family member could be called in to save the poorly rated talk show, and no, it's not Kourtney, Kim, nor Khloe. Dolls, get out your finest pressed ascots and your gilded walking sticks, because Naughty But Nice Rob claims that the one and only Lord Scott Disick will co-host Kris's season finale.

His smarmy, partying ways were once the bane of the Kardashian's existence and now he could be their saving grace. A source told Rob:

Kris wanted Kanye at first because he is the biggest name, but Kanye really does not have the personality that Scott does. Scott is not a big star like Kanye but he is soooooo charming and funny everyone agreed that he would make a much better last co-host than Kanye.

Now this, this is something we can get behind. We've been saying for a while now that Scott Disick deserves some serious love, and it's about goddamn time he takes his seat on the throne next to Kris Jenner, because if anyone can save the show, it's our Scotty. Thankfully, we're not the only ones who agree. A TV expert also told Rob:

The hope is that Scott will be so much fun that he will leave audiences wanting more. Who knows, if the show returns, it could be the Kris and Scott Show.

It's hard to imagine that Kris would be willing to share the spotlight, but the only thing she loves more than the limelight is money, and if Scott can boost ratings and therefore revenue, it'll be the Kris and Scott Show faster than you can say: