Biscuit Tacos Might Be Coming to Taco Bell, and I Need One IMMEDIATELY

It’s somewhat fortuitous that just yesterday, I brought up the fact that in my perfect world, everything comes on a biscuit. Why? Because Taco Bell is currently testing biscuit tacos. As far as my relationship with fast food goes, that is the best news ever; a biscuit taco always trumps a waffle taco, no matter how much bacon and syrup is involved.

Food Beast recently took a trip to Taco Bell’s test kitchen, and while they were there, they got a peek at a bunch of the items the chain is planning to add to the menu soon. Among them are a whole bunch of new breakfast options (I guess the Waffle Taco was a hit?) — which, happily for the flaky pastry lovers among us, including the Biscuit Taco. There are a bunch of different options for fillings, ranging from your standard egg/cheese/breakfast meat combinations to one with chicken and jalapeño honey sauce. Iiiiiinteresting. You can see what a typical Biscuit Taco looks like up top; and just for good measure, here's a promo shot of that wacky chicken one:

Accoring to Food Beast’s report, the biscuit is rich; it does, however, involve real butter and real buttermilk, so at least we know it’s an actual biscuit and not some weird biscuit imitation. They’ve also put a unique twist on the fried chicken fillings, using a batter formulated with tortilla chips. Right now, the biscuits have only hit four Taco Bell locations in the Lost Angeles area; head on over to Food Beast to find out if there’s one near you (you lucky Los Angelenos, you).

I was going to dream up another list of edible alternatives that riff off of the original concept here (as I am wont to do in posts about weird foods), but guess what? BuzzFeed beat me to the punch. Here’s how to turn anything into a taco — no matter how un-taco-like it seems at first (Fruit Roll-Up and Jolly Rancher taco, anyone?):

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Images: bookofelie/Instagram; MaureenMorrison/Twitter