Old Photos of Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Are Pop Music Artifacts — PHOTOS

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Even though Justin Timberlake is happily settled down with Jessica Biel, and even though Britney Spears has had a slew of crappy exes (she's doing fine now! She's — ahem — stronger than yesterday) it's okay to sometimes get nostalgic for the adorable days of yore: the days that they were together. Admit it, they were one of the cutest celebrity couples ever, in part because they were super young. Don't you sometimes look back at your high school relationships and go, "awww, so cute, but THANK GOD that is no more!"

In celebration of the '00s — with zero hate toward Brit and JT — let's look back at some of their old photos, just for the sake of #memories. And let's face it: You're a secret 2000s-era pop culture historian at heart, and these pics are ARTIFACTS.

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