Sims 4 Is Officially Here, With Plenty Of Great/Totally Bizarre Fashion Moments For Everyone

When I was younger, I used to go over to my neighbor's house simply because she was allowed to play Sims and I wasn't. At the time, this infuriated me; I should mention that I also wasn't allowed to listen to the Spice Girls, so it's safe to say I missed out on a solid chunk of my childhood and that my anger was somewhat justified. However, looking back, a ten year old probably shouldn't be seeing some of the things that a Sims computer game entails. For example, do you remember some of those outfits? Not exactly PG. And, it turns out, the recently released Sims 4 is keeping with that outrageous tradition.

Along with belly-baring tank tops, strange combinations of leather and just about everything in between, Sims fashion has had as many highs and lows as anything else in entertainment that peaked in the early 2000s. And with the release of the new Sims 4, it only makes sense that a part ranking, part analysis of the new characters' outfits/fashion features take place. Obviously. Because what is life if not a celebration of the fashion of characters in a video game?

Of course, the great thing about the Sims is that you can create all your own brilliant/terrifying Sims fashion moments through the game/your characters, but their promo site provides a few pretty stellar examples too. So whether you're a life-long Sims fan, a stranger to the game, or, like me, are still resentful of the years your mother didn't let you play, here is a round-up of the most notable fashion moments and features in Sims 4 from their site.

1. Hipsters

Let's start on the left with hipster Kevin Federline. To begin with, I like how he coordinated the shirt and the fedora. It reminds me of a struggling male musician who would follow you on Twitter and tweet you dozens of his YouTube cover videos (you block him immediately.) In the middle: the confused hipster. I like this guy because he really doesn't care if what he's wearing (including those glasses...?) make sense. He just goes with it. And as for the girl on the right, well, she's not much of a hipster at all, aside from the tiny ice cream cone earring. But I like that she's thinking about heart-patterned boxers anyway.

2. Sim Styled Looks

I LOVE that Sims 4 allows you to create new, "Sims styled" looks for the characters. This is a fashion moment in itself. I mean, if I'm able to make my character look THAT MUCH like a contestant on Bravo's Game of Crowns, then I'm happy.

3. This Guy

There's a lot going on here. Grunge meets tribal tattoos meets surfer tank top. Just give yourself a moment to take it all in.

4. Makeup Changes

Finally, a video game recognizes the power of a colored eye liner. Boom. Also, I like how this photo illustrates the idea that if you're going to wear something as daring as colored eyeliner, you better have a spiked chocker to complement it.

5. Whoever He Is

This character was in one of the promo videos for the Sims 4 game. I like him because he's just so confusing. First of all, who looks that unhappy while eating pancakes? The answer is no one, so I am immediately suspicious of him. Second of all, is he wearing a low-cut blazer? Just a robe? What? I just want to know what's going on in his Sims brain, but I also respect his bold fashion choices.

6. Paying Respect To Katy Perry

Ah, the power of a pastel color palette and a violin.

7. Fitness Fashion

First of all: slightly concerned about the girls on the left. The fuchsia leopard print number does not seem to provide a whole lot of support. It's also fuchsia. And leopard print. Also, I like the guy on the right, who has managed to gain weight everywhere on his body...except his neck and face.

8. Lady in Red

Well...the outfit may not be so wonderful (although certainly is memorable), but at least her body proportions are realistic. Oh wait.

9. Sims 4 Personalities

This dude. I mean, look at him. Ok, so he's materialistic according to the Sims 4 personality traits creator, but he is also quite literally AN AGED LEONARDO DICAPRIO. Sims 4: 1, Everyone Else: 0.

Images: EA Games/Sims 4 Media (9)