Country Is A Good Look For Tom Hiddleston

by Emma Goddard

Somehow, even with elegant and magical horse GIFs, coloring books, and customized bowties with his face plastered all over them, Tom Hiddleston manages to get better every day. Although he has already proven to fans that he is the goofiest, coolest, and most godly-looking British man the world could have asked for, he has managed to go one step further through the gift of song. On Saturday, music lovers of Remus, Michigan were treated with the best surprise ever when Tom Hiddleston showed up at Wheatland Music Festival to sing Move It On Over by Hank Willliams for the crowd.

Of course, this wasn’t because Hiddleston suddenly decided he wanted to try his hand at country music. In fact, Hiddleston will be playing the part of Williams, aka The Hillbilly Shakespeare and one of America’s most renowned country artists, in a biopic called I Saw The Light, which will premiere in 2015.

As one could probably imagine, Hiddleston’s voice was just as dreamy as ever, making a point that with a southern accent or an English accent, he would still be attractive either way. I’m not sure that Hiddleston sounds quite like Williams who had more of that nasal-y southern twang, but it’s definitely not too shabby. Hiddleston’s voice is distinctively deeper than Williams' in this video, but the fact that he’s singing and playing guitar in front of an audience that’s known for loving its bluegrass, folk, and traditional country music, I have to give him props for coming out strong.

Despite the differences — which I’m assuming most people of my generation wouldn’t even notice — Hiddleston has stolen my heart once again. As someone who has lived in Georgia and Virginia, and attended college pretty much in the middle of nowhere, learning to love (or at least appreciate) country music was basically a requirement.

I might not be the person you want to come to for artist or song recommendations, but I would gladly listen to Hiddleston sing this song on repeat with any country music fans.