What Will Royal Baby No. 2 Look Like?

by Mallory Schlossberg

Anglophiles, rejoice! Prince William and Kate Middleton have another baby on the way. You know what that means: It's time to plan your vicarious, extravagant royal baby shower! No, I'm just kidding (or am I...?) but this is the time to recognize that a very wealthy, very important, and very famous fetus is currently forming. Yes, this fetus is more famous than the human, non-fetus North West (sorry, Kim and Kanye). So naturally, when a fetus is this significant, you must ask yourself the critical question: What will the actual baby look like?

Now, I'm not a geneticist nor do I possess any technology to creepily send air waves over to the United Kingdom to pick up Prince William's and Kate Middleton's respective DNA patterns — nor would I do that, nor should you or anyone try to do that — but fortunately, the Internet has given us some very low grade image-morphing baby-predicting technology that allows us to fuse together photos of two individuals and see what their baby might look like. This is probably most widely used by superfans ("what would my babies look like if I had them with Benedict Cumberbatch!?") — or by your average fan of celebrities, particularly those of The Bachelorette .

So let's start with Morph Thing, a site that allows you morph two faces into one. Sure, babies aren't made by squishing two faces together, but for the purpose of this, let us squish two royal faces.

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Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And on Morph Thing, we get this little baby boy:

And this baby girl:

Make Me Babies (a site that is not fictional, despite that wildly fictitious sounding name) has a different prediction to offer:

It's looking at you. What about a girl?

Look at those eyes! They're looking at you, too.

And what about the site BabyMaker, which makes... babies, appropriately enough?

And a girl:

Royal Baby No. 2 will definitely not wear ugly hats.

So — it seems that this baby will be incredibly adorable or like a weird technological fusion with a penchant for hats. Fortunately for anyone who makes babies, this is not how genetic pools actually mesh. So, as with any baby, we'll have to wait until the photos emerge to find out what the spare to the heir looks like. Either way, one thing is certain: It will be super freakin' royal.

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