You Can Shop On Twitter Now, So Here Are 8 Times The Feature Will Be Absolutely Necessary

The future is here, everyone. On Monday Twitter announced you'll be able to shop from your feed, thanks to a new e-commerce button that they'll be launching. Yep, that means you can directly BUY clothes from your favorite brands as soon as they tweet about them. How exactly does it work? Click a buy button, type in your shipping and billing information, and confirm. In no time, that bag will be yours. Easy, right?

Uh oh. This could mean trouble for every shopaholic's bank account. Instead of worrying about getting distracted by the latest viral video, looks like constant scrolling through the newsfeed could lead to some impulse buys. After all, how could anyone resist a new pair of shoes if they're right in front of you? As if online shopping wasn't enough of a temptation already.

But Twitter's new trick to get you to build up your wardrobe might actually come in handy. Imagine this: Instead of browsing though website after website to find the perfect dress for your 21st birthday, what if it just popped up between Kim Kardashian and Cute Emergency tweets? Perfect.

Here are eight hypothetical (and by hypothetical, I mean totally realistic) situations where Twitter's buy button will totally come in handy. Technology: Saving us from wardrobe malfunctions, one click at a time.

1. When, After Years of Wear and Tear, Your Favorite Pair of Flats Finally Give In

SIGH. Nothing says defeat quite like throwing out of pair of beloved and broken shoes. And what's worse than forgetting to order a new pair except for when you go to put your old ones in the morning? Scroll through your feed, put them in your shopping cart, and wait for a new pair to shop up at your doorstep. If only everything could be that easy.

2. For That Awkward Moment When You Realize You Don't Have Any Winter Clothes

Oops. Sweater weather is here and you haven't a cardigan to speak of. Oh, and you're avoiding the outdoors like the plague because it's COLD outside. If only finding some layers could be as easy as retweeting one of Bustle's hilarious tweets. Oh wait — it is.

3. Because Lauren Conrad is Wearing That Tan Blouse... And Now You REALLY Want It

Shopaholic sees celebrity in cute dress means that a shopaholic will BUY that dress. Get the math here?

4. When Your $5 Pair Of Sunglasses Inevitably Breaks

Sunglasses never last as long as we want them to. And, of course, they break at the worst time possible. Much like your beloved flats, you have to remember to buy a new pair. Thanks, Twitter.

5. When You Have To Be The First Person To Buy Those New Arrivals

The fashion world is a death race. Let's cross our fingers that brands will tweet their newest arrivals as soon as they hit the shelves. Hey, that allows us to get them a little faster.

6. ...And The Last One To Snag Deals Off The Clearance Rack

Speaking of new arrivals, Twitter should also show marked down clothes. You know, for when you just want a deal and don't feel like searching through the clearance racks. Because 75 percent off makes everyone happy.

7. Basically Whenever You're A Little Bored

When can you now shop? While watching TV. Waiting at the doctor's office. Sitting through a boring lecture (I mean... what?). Even a mere minute of boredom can lead to an awesome new pair of pants.

8. And You Need To Treat Yo Self

You deserve it, Twitter Star.

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