'RHOOC' Star's Ex Boyfriend Threatens Violence

Vicki Gunvalson's relationship issues with on/ (currently) off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers have been widely chronicled on her show The Real Housewives of Orange County, but this is some next-level psychotic stuff. Published by RadarOnline, audio of Ayers verbally threatening to "beat" Gunvalson has emerged, reportedly recorded because — according to an unnamed source —"those close to Gunvalson ... were afraid Ayers may harm her."

Rightfully so, because he's clearly a loose cannon. In the series of recordings, Ayers is audibly drunk, and speaking with Gunvalson's son-in-law Ryan Culberson. One transcript reads:

Brooks Ayers (BA): It ain’t?Ryan Culberson (RC): No.BA: What ain’t right?RC: You can’t beat her up.BA: I’m going to be beat her ass.RC: Why?BA: Because I can. That’s what we do in the South.RC: No. I don’t do that.BA: You don’t beat their ass?RC: No.BA: Well you probably should do.RC: No.BA: Oh god. This is us.RC: Yeah upstairs.BA: You be careful.RC: You be careful. I am good.

Ayers also says calls Gunvalson a "f*cking whore," and says "I'mma [sic] f*cking beat her ass when I see her ... it’ll be like a week when I see her, sh*t."

Radar claims to have verified that the man is Ayers, and that he's refusing to comment because it's "a part" of the third installment of the reunion. This irks me, because domestic abuse issues being brought up on a reality show for ratings is the lowest producers can stoop, but Ayers is in fact set to appear on part three of the reunion.

At the very least, hopefully, he's kept far away from Vicki.