They Just Crashed a Wedding

Nobody likes a wedding crasher, right? Unless of course those wedding crashers happen to be Beyonce and Jay Z. Um, yeah. That happened. Beyonce and Jay Z, who just wrapped their On the Run tour in the U.S., are currently vacationing in Italy before they perform in Paris. And on Saturday, they happened upon a wedding in Portofino, where they're currently relaxing and celebrating Bey's birthday — so what did they do? They got in on the fun! Beyonce even posed for photos with the ecstatic bride whilst clad in a floral bikini, sarong, and straw hat. Insanity! It's doubtful any bride wants someone crashing her wedding and taking the focus off of her and her special day, but I think most of us would make an exception for Beyonce, no?

The couple (Beyonce and Jay Z, not the couple who got married) are currently vacationing with their daughter, Blue Ivy, and both of their mothers, Gloria Carter and Tina Knowles — and I don't know about you guys, but it kind of seems like me like everything is hunky-dory in their world. It actually makes me think that maybe all the divorce rumors were solely to drum up some controversy/publicity during their tour. I mean, who vacations with their moms and crashes a wedding with someone they don't like?

From here on out, I won't officially believe a divorce rumor unless I hear it from one of their mouths. So, for now, I'm going to bask in the awesomeness that is Beyonce's super random wedding crash. Amazing.