When 'Awkward' Season 4 Comes Back It’s Time for Eva to Leave, Plus 10 Other Musts

Spoiler Alert: I am being nice by warning you ahead of time that if you aren't caught up, you should probably stop reading now. We’ve been waiting three months for MTV's Awkward. Season 4 to return from hiatus after the super dramatic mid-season finale. The wait is almost over and I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Matty McKibben might have fathered a child. During the Awkward. mid-season finale I went through a full range of emotions and don't know how much longer I can keep it together. Luckily, the MTV series will return on Sept. 23. Finally.

Still, it's been three months, so you may have forgotten where we left off. Eva, the psychopath, is apparently prego with Matty McKibben’s lovechild. Before that revelation came though, Eva was making Jenna look like a real jerk, it was very frustrating. Luke then thinks that Jenna is "too high school" for him (she kind of is, by the way). I don't know about you, but when I was in college I wasn't trying to hang out with dudes in high school. He leaves the ski trip (why he was on her high school ski trip, I am still unsure). Sadie and Jenna realize that Eva is a creep who is obsessed with Matty, so they attempt to save him from her evilness and fail. In the meantime, the two random video guys (still not sure of their names or where they came from) split people into couples for the night. Tamara and Jake seem to have their friendship back together and Lissa and her adopted brother kiss.

Now that you're up to date again, we can start talking about things that need to happen during the second half of Awkward. Season 4 when it comes back in a few weeks.

Image: Matthias Clamer/MTV

Eva has got to go

First and foremost, Eva has got to get out of here and soon. The whole pregnancy storyline needs to go away. She’s absolutely nuts and you know she most definitely poked a hole in the condom. So what really needs to happen here is Sadie needs to get a plan in order and take care of business. Maybe send the Asian Mafia after her?

Image: MTV

Ming & Fred Wu need to make a surprise appearance

Speaking of the Asian Mafia, Ming needs to come back for a special appearance at least. Ming and the Asian Mafia were the best.

Image: MTV

Matty & Jenna need to reconcile

I mean, obviously, but this needs to happen ASAP. When are these two finally going to work things out? Graduation is coming (Maybe? Who knows — Kids on TV are always in high school for 7 years) and it’s pointless for them to put this off any longer.

Image: MTV

Matty's adoption storyline should be resolved

I don’t even know when Matty is going to get over this whole adoption thing and go back to being himself, but I hope it’s soon.

Image: MTV

Tamara should never use Australian accent again

Enough said. Thank god Jake figured out she was catfishing him. That was painful to watch.

Image: MTV

Lissa Needs To Quit It With Her Adopted Brother

OK, so they aren’t related, but it’s still kind of weird. Especially since he looks like he’s 30 years old. Does he even go to their school?

Image: MTV

A Jake & Lissa reunion

Why not though? Jake and Lissa were kind of cute and they really have no where to go with either of them right now, so it would be cool if they got back together (and DTR).

Image: MTV

More Valerie. Always more Valerie.

This show would actually be terrible without Valerie Marks. I think it’s time we got Val a guy for a little while, she deserves it. Besides, her flirtationship with the guy in the animal costume in the finale was the best.

Image: MTV

Sadie needs her #bitch back

Sadie still has her mean moments, but when she is mean, it’s hands down the best part of the show, so we need Sadie to bring her bitchiness back. You know I’m right.

Image: MTV

New People Who Last Longer Than One Season

Bailey, Collin, and Clark ended their run on the show real quickly. It would be nice to have a new set of people that were consistently on the show (that weren’t terrible like Eva and Collin).

Image: MTV


I am guilty of using Tamara’s lines all the time, so those need to keep coming, even if I’m the only person in the world that calls people “AdoraWhoreAble.” But also, calling your little something extra “Recessive Chub” is pretty genius.

Image: Matthias Clamer/MTV