Kanye West Offers Photographic Evidence of North West During Hour-Long 'Kris' Interview

So, when I said yesterday that I wouldn't believe Kanye West was appearing on Kris Jenner's talk show Kris until there was a "real clip" of the two of them being buddy-buddy together on the show, I was being too cynical. Somehow, Kris Jenner actually got Kanye West to appear on her show for an interview, and it's going to air on Friday for the show's unofficial finale before Fox decides whether or not they want to give the show a full pick-up.

Furthermore—it's not even a ten, 15, or 20-minute interview, it's an hour long . I know Kris Jenner is Kim's mom and he's been living with her since baby North was born, but this is the same man that was reserving interviews just before the release of Yeezus for outlets like the New York Times, and W. Not Kris Jenner's talk show.

That's not even the strangest part, though. Brace yourselves, guys. According to TMZ (and sources on Twitter), Kanye also brought along a picture of North West — and when the episode airs on Friday, it'll be the first picture of North to debut, ever. What, was Anna Wintour not interested in the baby pics?

It makes sense, of course, why Kris would push for something like this: Her talk show's ratings have been dwindling (overexposure is a terrible thing), and a Kanye appearance plus the first picture of North West would be the perfect way to boost ratings just as Fox is making a decision about whether or not her show should get a full season pick-up.

But she's previously resorted to infuriating ratings stunts like using a fake baby stand-in for North West in an episode, and Kim once touted an appearance on the show only to send in a short video message instead, so we're not holding our breaths for these damn pics.

That said, Kanye's episode is set to air on Friday. Don't pretend like you didn't just make a mental note of that—I know you did, because I did too. It's all apart of Kris Jenner's diabolical plan to get higher ratings than the fourth hour of the Today show.