Shia LaBeouf Wears Purple Tights, So I Guess We Just Have To Accept That Men Rocking Leggings Is A Fashion Trend That's Happening Now

Well, OK, sure — I guess we’re talking about Shia LaBeouf’s bulge now. Sorry, mom. Actually, I think TMZ has that pretty much covered. Let’s just focus on his flamboyant outfit choice, shall we? Stepping out for lunch with his not-as-insane-looking girlfriend, Mia Goth, Shia LaBeouf wore lite-brite purple tights, a lime green tank top, and vivid blue and hot pink sneakers.

Well, I guess this is an improvement from that bag he had taken to wearing over his head. But it literally looks like a pushy Nike rep threw up on him. Seriously though, that’s all Nike. Maybe it’s just his newest endorsement deal and he thought it would just be more efficient to wear the entire Nike store at once? I’m just grasping at straws here…

With the exception of his vibrant purple legwear, it’s nice to see LaBeouf looking like an actual human being after his rather eventful summer when he was arrested for harassment and disorderly conduct after yelling at actors during a performance of Cabaret and slapping people upside the head. Ehh, happens to the best of us... right? OK, perhaps not. The actor has since entered an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, and I'm glad to see LeBeouf still has serious style chops.

Sorry, I think I'm having Xanadu flashbacks. What do you think? Is LaBeouf's look more 1980's jazzercise à la Richard Simmons or is he channeling an off-duty WWE wrestler?

That last one was a little inappropriate, I apologize. Anyway, while we ponder that, if you're feeling inspired (please god, let the answer be no), the Barney's and Russell Westbrook collection includes men's tights, so you can pick up a pair of "meggings" for the special guy in your life. Yes, this is apparently a thing now. Get ready, worl.

Images: Getty, StarKidCorner/Twitter, Giphy (4)