Which 'OUAT' Queen Would Reign Supreme?

Well, we really should have seen this coming. After all, as we learned from season three of Once Upon a Time, Regina is never truly happy unless she has someone to destroy. (And Henry. He's kind of important.) We guessed fairly early on that Regina and Frozen's Elsa would either be besties or enemies and if the latest trailer for Once Upon a Time season four is to be believed, then it seems they decided on enemies. Or, at least, it seems Regina decided on enemies. The Once Upon a Time extended season four trailer doesn't feature much in the way of new scenes or clips, but it gave us a glimpse of Elsa and Anna's parents' graves and Regina appealing to Sidney Glass, the Magic Mirror, for help "removing" a woman implied to be Elsa. It doesn't help that the clip before that was Elsa saying, "I'm the queen."

In their tumultuous past, Regina told Snow White that she would never been queen. Now, with her second chance at love gone thanks to Emma and a new potential enemy in town, is Regina really going to let Elsa waltz in and start calling herself a queen? The Evil Queen is the only Queen around here, thanks. And, honestly, better Regina take her anger and revenge fantasies out on Elsa rather than Emma. But in a fight between Regina and Elsa, which Queen would win?

Regina Mills, The Evil Queen


Advantages: Let's be real. If there's anyone who would have the world's most comprehensive resume of how to ruin people's lives, it would probably be Regina. She's slaughtered whole villages, cursed a kingdom full of people to a world without happy endings, and really, really loves petty, disproportionate vendettas. Plus, she's got a wide array of magic powers and potions at her disposal. One little apple and a sleeping curse would get rid of Storybrooke's snow problem in a heartbeat.

Disadvantages: Regina's biggest weakness has always been that she cares too much. In this case, she has one walking weakness in Henry and another in Robin Hood and Roland, depending on how close she still feels to them now that Maid Marian is back with her husband and child. Add that to the fact that she and Elsa have way too much in common and there's a good chance she could be defeated by a logical argument. She is technically good at the moment, anyway.

Elsa, The Snow Queen of Arendelle


Advantages: Elsa can curse her whole kingdom to an icy nightmare in the middle of summer accidentally. Imagine what she can do when she's using her powers intentionally. It'd be hard for Regina to cast spells if she's encased in a block of ice and if she so much as makes Elsa feel scared, threatened, or stressed out then Elsa's ice powers will fly out of control anyway. Really, attacking Elsa is a lose/lose situation.

Disadvantages: Elsa isn't really a villain. She's never killed anyone or wanted to kill anyone and her idea of revenge is banning all trade with Weselton and sending Prince Hans home to his brothers. She's not exactly the cold-blooded monster Regina was in her past as The Evil Queen, which makes her pretty easy to take down and imprison. How else did Rumpelstiltskin get her in that vial?

The One True Queen

When Elsa and Regina fight, there are no winners. There are only victims and people who need to get out of the way before they get hit with a stray fireball or icy blast. Hopefully someone — perhaps Emma, since spoilers tell us that Emma and Elsa will form a friendship — will get Regina and Elsa to settle any differences that they might have before they destroy Storybrooke in a pointless battle. You're both awesome, ladies. Let it go.

Check out the extended trailer below.

Image: Disney; ABC; YouTube; gifs-for-the-masses/Tumblr