5 Times Frankie Grande Was Desperate for More 'Big Brother' Attention

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We all know that one person who just loves attention, right? The one who, no matter the setting, will try to steal the spotlight from anyone and everyone. Well inside the Big Brother house , there is no doubt that person is Frankie Grande. I'd go as far to say that there were actually two people who held this role, but since Zach was evicted a few weeks ago — and now I'm starting to think this is why Frankie was targeting Zach — Frankie has assumed the lead attention-seeking role.

Unfortunately, when a show revolves around watching people live in isolation for a summer with 76 cameras tracking their every move, camera-loving people tend to become a little obnoxious and even hated by viewers. That has definitely been one of Frankie's limitations with fans this season on the show. Beyond saying some pretty awful things about other houseguests, fame, and even rape, Frankie's attention-loving attitude has made him a fan least-favorite. Here are some of Frankie's attention-seeking antics that have made him seem just plain desperate.

Images: Lisette M. Azar/CBS

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