The "New" Apple Watch Has Been Around for Years, Hiding in Plain Sight

Even though most of us are already setting about eight reminders on our current (and now useless, USELESS I SAY!) iPhones to pre-order the iPhone 6 on Sept. 12, let's not forget that other Apple product that was announced today, the Apple Watch. It's the first wearable Apple product, but certainly not the world's first "smart watch." You've seen it in countless cartoons and spy films; an agent or plucky nerd talks into a wrist device, which then enables a helicopter to come speeding by, or a shark with laser beams attached to its head to attack. Come on Apple, we thought you were on the cutting edge of technology!

Sure, sure, the new Apple Watch has maps, health monitors, and fancy schmancy credit card-less paying options... but can it deliver the Bat Signal? Here's a pop culture history lesson that Apple didn't really invent the smart watch.

by Rachel Semigran

'Get Smart'

The shoe! The original Apple Watch!

Image: CBS

'The Flintstones'

Seriously, this goes back to the Flintstone Age!

Image: Hanna-Barbera

'Dick Tracy'

It’s like Don Draper and Apple had a cartoon baby!

Image: UPA

'Star Trek'

Only the finest technology for deep space exploration.

Image: Paramount

'Knight Rider'

C’mon Apple, even THE HOFF was ahead of your game.

Image: Universal TV

'Inspector Gadget'


Image: DiC Enterprises

'Power Rangers'


Image: Saban Entertainment


Seriously, Apple, you should have just called it “Alfred” since everyone with the Apple Phone is going to talk to it with their Bat Voice.