Cameron Diaz Designed Pour La Victoire Heels That Are NYC-Inspired — And Dangerously High

In addition to being a rom com queen with a penchant for physical comedy as well as the possessor of a killer bod, did ya know Cameron Diaz is the artistic director of Pour La Victoire? Most recently, the leggy actress has designed a collection of sky high heels for fall 2014. The range is full of booties and stilettos, so if you are looking to add some height to your fall and winter wardrobe, you're going to get it here. The collection is inspired by New York City, according to Refinery 29, and native New York Carrie Bradshaw would totally love these heels.

I can certainly see the NYC influence: the tall, thin heels mimic the skyscrapers that dot the city's infamous skyline. Moreover, these heels that aren't meant to be hell on your feet. There are ways to make heels comfortable, and Diaz says that she had that in mind when designing her heels. Of course, you'll have to test drive a pair to see if that claim stacks up.

Diaz admitted that super high platforms were "in" when she started working on this collection and while she wasn't running about town in neckbreaker (yet killer) heels since she is already tall enough, she still knew that she wanted the shoes to be functional. She told WWD, "I'm such a stickler for shoes and function. And that's what we are getting back to with this line — function."

Hmmm, running around to and fro and teetering on maj stilettos isn't exactly what I'd call functional, especially in NYC, with its busy, high traffic sidewalks and streets, as well as the oft-in-disrepair subway stairs. Don't get me started on the grates, either. Get a heel caught in one of those and you're dunzo.

Diaz herself admitted to wearing flats when she traipses around the Big Apple. But she knows there is a contingent of New Yorkers, like the aforementioned Miss Bradshaw, that desire a shoe "that looks good on the foot but stays on the foot and doesn't require a lot of work to do so."

That's a heel conundrum, and Diaz is confident that she solved it. The shoes are reasonably priced, falling in the $195 to $495 range.There are lots of booties, open-toed stilettos, and lots of sexy awesomeness. There are also handbags in the range, and some are structured while others are slouchy. Here are some of my favorites from the collection to browse right now.

1. Shake Your Bootie

These pretty much beg to have skinny jeans tucked into them, with a cropped blazer thrown over top.

2. Cut It Out

Why not set these sexy cut-out stilettos up on a date with your fave LBD? It'll be the start of a beautiful relationship.

3. Inner Tomboy

Don this masculine boot with leggings or a skirt to dress it up or down.

4. Kick Ass

This is a kick ass pair of heels, full of detail from the animal skin backing to the ties to the open toe.

5. Slouchy And Pouchy

Who wouldn't want to tote this bag around town? It looks so roomy, and the shiny leather turns it up a notch.

6. Call The Doctor

This boxy, structured, and doctor-like bag will take any outfit from zero to 60. It's beyond chic and timeless. Invest in this and you'll own it for a lifetime.

Images: Giphy; Pour La Victoire via Refinery 29 (6)