Woman Makes Anti-Cheating Shirt for Boyfriend to Wear on Vacation in Ibiza, Is Either Possessive or Hilarious

Are you worried your partner might cheat on you while on vacation with his/her pals? Why not make them a shirt imploring other girls to stay away, a simple and clearly not crazy at all solution to the lack of trust in your relationship? Does that above suggestion sound like something I just made up? Well, sorry, but it isn't. A woman named Abbie Bartlett made her boyfriend an anti-cheating shirt to ensure he wouldn't stray during a trip to Ibiza. She is either a comic genius or completely unhinged.

Bartlett, a 20-year-old criminology student at Northumbria University in the UK, made up a shirt for boyfriend Leon Connelly that reads "I love my girlfriend Abbie and I hate all the girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me." The text is accompanied by four pictures of the couple cuddling and kissing, just to really drive the point home. Bartlett posted an image of Connelly sporting the tee at the airport on Facebook, after which the picture received over one million likes. Now the couple is semi-famous because social media rules over us all.

"We're always pulling pranks on each other, our relationship is based on having fun," Bartlett told ITV, "I was with him when he booked to go on holiday with friends to Ibiza and I said I was going to make a T-shirt for him to wear. He said 'you wouldn't' and I just replied 'watch me.'" So it seems that Bartlett is more of a practical jokester than an overly possessive romantic partner, which is good news. Of course, not everyone is in on the joke.

The Daily Mail's judgmental headline reads "Girlfriend is making boyfriend wear humiliating t-shirt while he's on holiday without her." And, okay, I'll admit that the gesture does seem creepy and obsessive to the casual observer. Like, where is the trust in that relationship, am I right? But the shirt is also hilarious. So, what does Connelly think about all this? Well, he told Mail:

At first I thought is she serious? She wanted me to wear it to all the big clubs like Pacha etc. But now I get that it's a joke I'm happy enough to go along with it, that's just how our relationship is it's just silly. People have been saying that wearing the t-shirt might attract girls, some girls will definitely take it as some sort off challenge. I just have to laugh about it, Abbie is the only girl for me an we both know that!

Aww, that's sweet! Now I'm just wondering if Bartlett can parlay the t-shirt's Internet fame into a business. I might consider buying one of the shirts to prove how savvy I am (I'd wear it with a leather skirt and fashion-y sneakers, in case you're curious). So kudos to Bartlett for being seriously funny. Now we know her boyfriend wont cheat on her, lest the entire Web come after him with flaming torches.

Image: Abbie Bartlett/Facebook