Drones Are Documenting Fashion Week Now, Thanks To 'InStyle,' So Welcome To The Future

If you're under the impression that the optimal way to view Fashion Week is on the street across from Lincoln Center, you're sadly mistaken. The best view in town is in fact an aerial one, courtesy of Style.com's Fashion Week drones. Street style photographers and paparazzi swarm midtown west and the various runway locations scattered throughout the city, but snapping iconic pictures from the sidewalk is so incredibly last season.

Noting the trend towards the mashup of technology and fashion, Style.com enlisted the help of Da Drone Boyz to throw together an a drone-produced documentary of the week's highlights. Sure, the video doesn't contain the level of sartorial detail of, say, a close-up featuring a woman's Art Deco manicured hand clutching an iPhone and a cobalt Proenza Schouler PS, but the spectacle of harried show-goers and bloggers from the sky provides fresh insight into the display.

While the current video only examines Alexander Wang and Jason Wu's frenzied sidewalks, Style.com promises the video will become part of a series. Considering that the likes of Fendi included drones on the Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week runway, it appears that drones are rapidly becoming intertwined with the world of couture. Could drone-produced fashion vlogs overtaking written word be the next step in the technological transition? I simply can't wait to find out.

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