You Know You're From Charlottesville When...

Nestled right in the heart of Central Virginia, Charlottesville is surrounded on all sides by an eclectic mix of cattle farms, vineyards, celebrity estates, and a Southern twang that can only be crafted through the generations of our first settlers. It’s a place where tradition and wholesome country living meets the bluest blooded Virginia families and New York and LA transplants. Here, you’re just as likely to be driving a rusted out and mud-spattered pickup as you are a Porche.

Charlottesville is kind of like the iconic quilted Chanel bag — small, simple, and traditional — yet impossibly chic. We may only have 40,000 people, but we also just so happen to be home to more national superlatives than we can count and, dammit, we know how to make a statement.

Thomas Jefferson, the guy who basically defined everything it means to be an American, figured it out, like, 250 years ago and chose this place to house his genius. Ever since, CVille (as only a true local may call it) has become a mecca of true Southern gentility and bucolic perfection.

If you live here, you know what I'm talking about. There are some things only CVille natives (and yes, I promise, everyone in town knows who you are), can truly understand.

You know the Ferrari-to-person ratio is high

It’s a little insane.

But the restaurant-to-person ratio is, actually, the largest in the country

Whatever you want, it’s here. American? Southern? French? Ethiopian? Tapas? Italian? Food truck? Yup. If all else fails, there’s a pretty swanky South African place in the strip mall behind Staples.

You know the butcher, baker, and chocolatier can all be found on Main Street Market

One stop shop, baby.

And that Bodos Bagels are the best on Earth

Sorry, New York.

Happy hour is all about a local wine or craft beer

Because, you know, everyone and their neighbor probably has a vineyard, brewery, or cidery (or whatever it’s called). If not, you can get the necessary equipment next to the chocolatier. It's called the Brew Ridge Trail for a reason, folks.

But if you go to UVA, happy hour is all about sipping a Zima or Franzia on the balcony

Basically the same thing.

You're pretty sure we have the worst traffic pattern in the nation

There’s the bypass no one wants but it still being built, speed limits with Tourette’s, and whatever the hell is going on through East Main. But who’s complaining?

And speaking of the speed limit…

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just add 10 MPH. You’ll be fine.

You embrace a public transportation system that reads like a list of STDs

There’s the CAT, the JAUNT, the Green CAT (you know, the trolley thing?), the UTS, the UVE, the VRE … and if all else fails, there’s the Fun Bus.

But with so many bike lanes, you’d be crazy not to ride

Or, hey, why not walk?

…Until you realize that, somehow, everywhere you need to go is uphill.

If you’re not training for your next marathon, it’s because you’re either playing golf or at Pure Barre

Michael Steele/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Obviously clad in Lululemon, wearing a Camelbak, and sporting neon compression socks.

if you're a guy, you’d best believe you own pastel-colored pants

Oh, and Ray Bans

And if you're a lady, you definitely have something with a Tory Burch Logo on it

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, and also Ray Bans.

Flip flops are year-round attire for you

Polar Vortex be damned!

You know where to find The best homemade moonshine

If you’re not into local brews or Zima.

Tailgating = sipping chardonnay in oxford shirts and pastel shorts

While opponents’ fans don their plebeian jeans and chug domestic beer.

You think of Thomas Jefferson as a sort of best friend

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

He lets us call him TJ.

if we’re proud, it's because, um, we’re great at everything

case in point: We've been named the best city to live...

...a top beer city of America’s smartest cities

...the best college town of the most romantic cit i es

...the best small town for food

...the best new place to drink wine of the best cities for working women of the best places to retire

...THE best place to retire if you're a golfer (and please, who isn't?) of the top cities for launching a business

yeah ... did we mention this is the best city to live in?

Gotta love this place.

Images: Giphy, whiteboysinsalmonshorts; capecodcollegiate/Tumblr