Pharrell Williams' Thoughts on Ferguson & More Instances Where He's Stood Up For Change

Pharrell Williams, the eternally ageless singer, rapper, and producer, may not be the most socially conscious star — he made the common mistake of wearing a headdress as just a quirky accessory on the cover of Elle UK, and he still doesn't seem to completely understand the criticisms of "Get Lucky" — but Williams is one of the most intelligent and outspoken celebs of today, and he's proven that yet again with an appearance on Don Lemon's show on CNN. On the show, Lemon asks Williams about his opinions on Ferguson.

Williams expresses his disappointment: disappointment in the government, for allowing Michael Brown's killer to go free, and disappointment in the media, for focusing on the few rioters instead of the many peaceful protesters. Williams goes on to say that many people have been using Ferguson to bring up irrelevant and unhelpful issues:

CNN on YouTube

And Williams doesn't just express his opinions about social justice when questioned about them, he incorporates them into his work, as well. Although Williams may be a little confused about how the term "feminist" can be used, he's often spoke about how he's a supporter of women's equality. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he spoke about why women were the inspiration for his album GIRL:

TheEllenShow on YouTube

Williams has become a huge pop crossover star since his days in N.E.R.D., but he's still trying to bring his progressive attitude back to hip hop. Williams may not rap much anymore, but he did explain the motivation behind the lyrics for his guest verse on Future and Pusha T's "Move That Dope" to Pitchfork:

FutureVEVO on YouTube

So while you may or may not be a fan of Williams' music, it's nice to know that there's more to the man than just 24/7 "Happy." Williams may not get it right all the time, but he's one of the few pop stars paying attention and using his stardom to send important messages about government, media, and social change.