Miley's Officially A 'Dirty Hippie'

Unlike pearl-clutching grandmas and the former execs at Disney who are shaking their heads in bemusement at what she's become, I don't hate Miley Cyrus. But when I learned that she would be debuting an art collection called "Dirty Hippie" at New York Fashion Week, I was skeptical. Miley's summertime crafting, as evidenced on Instagram, seemed to hint at a frenetic, cat-lady style of art involving a lot of plastic neon children's toys. I feared that her High Art Concept would be more of the same. And, well, it looks like those fears were justified. Miley Cyrus premiered "Dirty Hippie" at the Jeremy Scott runway show on Wednesday and it was everything I could have expected.

Most of Miley's art work took the form of oversized jewelry that Club Kid Michael Alig would have devoured faster than a dose of Ketamine back in 1993. According to Isabel Wilkinson at The Cut, this meant "[t]roll dolls on necklaces and single earrings made out of plastic candy that, somewhat impractically, extended down to a model’s waist." Yikes. At least the jewelry/art complimented Scott's '90s Flower Power-esque collection nicely.

Even though I was down with Miley's plastic baby doll 'do back in July, I'm not convinced troll heads and alphabet beads should be the hottest new accessory trend. I'm glad the '90s are back and all, but it feels too soon to be wearing the toys of our youth as jewelry. I'll let you make that decision for yourself with a few images from the Jeremy Scott runway, featuring "Dirty Hippie" by Miley Cyrus.

Joe Kohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Move over, Baby Spice.

Joe Kohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Never enough pattern, said Jeremy Scott, probably, while designing this collection.

Joe Kohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is that a Miley-designed headdress I see? Why, of course it is!

Joe Kohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I guess we're doing hair lanyards again?

What do you say — will you be scrambling to sport the "I made this at summer camp" look next season thanks to Miley? I think I'll stick to midi rings and natural stone jewelry myself.

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