Miley Cyrus' Art Collection "Dirty Hippie" Will Premiere During Jeremy Scott's NYFW Runway

Well, we finally know what that top-secret Miley Cyrus/Jeremy Scott collaboration is all about, and unfortunately I didn't predict this. Cyrus will debut an art collection at Scott's NYFW runway show. According to Billboard, the line, entitled "Dirty Hippie" (because of course), is an array of sculptures made out of "teddy bears and plastic jewelry, among other items." So that's what all the Instagram crafting this summer has been all about, huh Miley?

The collection will premiere at Scott's New York Fashion Week show on September 10th before being displayed at the offices of V magazine, where Miley is the current cover star. For those of you looking to get a glimpse, the address 11 Mercer Street. The pop star revealed to V that she made most of the "works" while stoned, which, no real surprise there since she rocks pot leaf printed garments on the regular.

Billboard quotes Cyrus saying this about why she started making art:

Is that a sneak peak of the art work behind Miley's head?

The ever-wacky Jeremy Scott is a perfect fit for such a whimsical art world debut and I cannot see how his S/S 2015 collection fits in with Miley's crazy sculptures. Maybe he designed a series of macaroni dresses inspired by the picture frames we all made in kindergarten?

Image: mileycyrus/Instagram