Get Excited For Mindy Kaling's Premiere Fashion

Oh man, you guys: The Mindy Project is finally coming back next week! Now, I've been excited for a while, revving up my engines ever since Mindy Kaling teased us with some of her first-episode fashion over a month ago now. And hey, there's a lot to look forward to: The guest stars (I am so looking forward to watching Dr. Lahiri fangirl over Shonda Rhimes)! The mother-in-law angst (because we've all been there before)! And last but not least? Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)! Yep, season 3 reportedly starts with a metaphorical "bang," as we the audience get to be party to Danny and Mindy's er... first time.

But here's one last reason to get excited: clothes, of course. Kaling took to her Instagram account (if you're not following her already, you totally should be) this morning to tease her followers about her upcoming premiere-wear. She posted a snap of a veritable melange of envy-inducing designer shoeboxes, along with the caption, "Manolo, Kurt, Miuccia, Tamara, Jimmy, Pierre, Charlotte. My New York premiere press week bitches." Looks like we have a lot of great outfits to look forward to in these last few days before Mindy has it's premiere!

So many shoes! Will she go edgy in Opening Ceremony?

Ladylike-yet-quirky in Marc Jacobs?

Classic with a bombshell twist in Tadashi Shoji?

Hopefully, all of the above!

Images: Getty Images; mindykaling/Instagram (4)