Theories on 'Hart of Dixie' Season 4 Premiere Date

If The CW isn't going to tell me, I'm going to figure it out myself. There's one thing Rachel Bilson fans are dying to know — and no, I don't mean when baby Bilson-Christensen is due. What I do mean is, when will Hart of Dixie Season 4 premiere? Because, while we know the 10-episode fourth season will premiere sometime during The CW's midseason, the network has yet to set a premiere date OR release any major information about the series' new season. Well, other than that Hart of Dixie will address Bilson's pregnancy this season and that Season 4 was shortened to accommodate the star's soon-to-be motherhood. Update: Hart of Dixie Season 4 begins Jan. 9, per the CW.

Being in the dark about something as important as the premiere date of one of my favorite shows is simply unacceptable. So, thanks to a handful of social media photos from Dixie stars Jaime King, Scott Porter, and Tim L. Matheson, and the knowledge of when The CW normally premieres mid-season series, I'm going to solve this great mystery for Hart of Dixie fans everywhere. Because it'll be a little more bearable to wonder whether or not Zade will get back together if we know when exactly we might get our answer. Right, my fellow Bluebell-ians?

Last midseason, The CW premiered the now-cancelled sci-fi series Star-Crossed on Feb. 17 and fellow new series The 100 on March 19. The complicated thing with The CW's schedule is that it takes two mini-hiatuses instead of one big one for its midseason break. Now that we've established our window of opportunity, let's look at the evidence.

Exhibit A

Porter posted this photo of his return to the Dixie set on June 26, on what, we can assume from his caption, was the first day of Season 4.

Exhibit B

Scott Porter posted this photo of a table read for Season 4's fifth episode on Aug. 15. So, at this point, production was about halfway through Dixie's new season, only a few weeks after Porter posted his first photo from the Season 4 set.

Exhibit C

On Aug. 28, King posted this photo with her son of the pair watching the Hart of Dixie Season 4 premiere. While we're not sure if it was a finished product yet, there was at least a rough-cut of the premiere already done.

Exhibit D

Tim L. Matheson/Facebook

On Sept. 5, Brick Breeland, aka Matheson posted this photo with the main cast of Dixie. He captioned it: "HART OF DIXIE group photo, nearing end of Season 4!! Damn, I love these folks!" What does "nearing the end of Season 4" mean? How close are we? Considering the cast were already doing a table-read of Episode 5 almost a month ago, they've definitely made it through the finale by now.

So, When Will Hart of Dixie Season 4 Air?

Considering the timeline created by these photos and if we assume Dixie will hold its Friday night time slot in 2015, the series' fourth season should premiere on March 6, 2015 if it plans to air its 10 episodes consecutively without taking a break. If it takes one break, it'll air on Feb. 27, 2015.

You're welcome, Bluebell-ians.

Images: Danny Feld/The CW, skittishkid (2), JaimeKing/Instagram, Tim L. Matheson/Facebook