You Do What You're told By Anna Wintour

If a fashion icon like Anna Wintour, the helmet-bobbed editor-in-chief of the style bible we all know and love, is handing out some advice, you best take it without question, if you know what's good for you. Tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki did just that when Wintour offered her some advice on a big hairstyle change. Wintour, who showed off her lighter side when she took the ice bucket challenge, is an architect of style, an arbiter of taste, and a supreme authority of fashion; you don't edit Vogue this long without knowing your shit. Wozniacki cut her hair, lobbing a few inches off her blonde locks, at Wintour's behest.

But Wintour, who has a busy life sitting front row at NYFW and deciding what will be in next season, didn't just pass along a little suggestion or a tip to the athlete. She even set up the appointment. What a gem!

Well, actually, one of her many assistants probably made the call, confirmed it with the salon, and then made sure that Wozniacki knew when she had to be in the stylist's chair. I am totally having visions of The Devil Wears Prada's Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt fighting over who would get to do this deed and execute this order from the lady boss.

The tennis player posted a cute photo on her IG with somewhat shorter locks. It's nothing too, too drastic; she didn't copy Wintour's signature blunt bob with bags or anything like that. Her curls are blown out and the ends look lighter and thinned out with reduced volume.

She posted: "Loving my new haircut! Thank you Anna Wintour for telling me I need one and setting it up for me."

While it's really super sweet (in a fashion snob way) for Wintour to have facilitated the appointment, I am dying to know how that convo went. "Hi darling, good luck with your next match. Cut your hair, will you?" Or did Wintour conduct a hands-on physical assessment, feeling the texture of the Wozniacki's hair, suggesting different lengths and looks?

Whatever the case, Wozniacki's shorter 'do is more chic, but then again, she's got a job to do (winning tennis matches) and her hair has to be secondary.

Here's her locks pre-Wintour advice, proof that a tiny trim can make a huge difference.

Images: Giphy; Caroline Wozniacki/Instagram (2)