Frankie Doesn't Have Many Friends in Jury House

This week the game turned upside down for Big Brother villain Frankie Grande when the Rewind Button was pushed and all of the power he had secured for himself vanished. Now, with his alliance member Caleb nominating him next to Victoria, Frankie can't help but feel a little paranoid — which is absolutely accurate — because if he doesn't win the Veto, he is almost guaranteed a one-way ticket to the jury house. But — and this is a huge "Anaconda"-sized but(t) — there is still the chance that Frankie could save himself this week. He's done it before, and he could very well do it again.

So, if Frankie can manage to save himself this week, what does that mean for the rest of his game? Well, it's going to have to be played flawlessly. He would have to win each competition to assure he isn't evicted in final four, and probably win the final HOH to make sure he goes to the final two. If all of these things were to miraculously occur, what would happen if Frankie did make it to the final two? How would the jury members vote if he were sitting in one of the two orange seats, pleading for the $500,000? Let's look at what the (current) jury members think of Frankie, and see if it would be enough for him to win.


I do not see Nicole ever awarding Frankie the money. He not only was simply mean to her — he made her a have-not when it was assured she would be going home, have some sympathy — but he also spearheaded the initiative to evict her, twice.


Hayden would probably follow Nicole's suggestion and not award Frankie money either, at this point. Not only was Frankie part of the alliance that voted out Hayden during that historical double eviction, but he wasn't nice to Nicole.


Frankie doesn't love Mama J, and Mama J doesn't love Frankie. Done.


This is where it get's difficult. When Zach was evicted, he initially told Julie Chen that he had "no hard feelings" regarding Frankie nominating him for a backdoor. But when Zach met with Jeff Schroeder for his exit interview on BBLive, Zach said the following:

So I think it is safe to say, Zach is renouncing Zankie.


Other than Cody (and maybe Nicole — although her actions spoke otherwise), I don't know if Christine really liked anyone else in the Big Brother house. All of her complaining about the houseguests is melding together in my mind, but I am sure she has spoken ill about Frankie at some point. He was also a huge reason for her "blindside" eviction.


No way, no how would Donny ever vote for Frankie to win the money. After all, Frankie decided to put on a "play" instead of try and save Donny from eviction.

Images: CBS; nedskalantar/Tumblr