Get Kylie Jenner's '60s-Inspired Editorial Look

NYFW was all about Kendall — Kendall rocking temporary tattoos at Tommy Hilfiger, Kendall walking red carpets and runways alike, Kendall posting fabulous Instagrams — but she might have to make a little room in the spotlight for her little sis, Kylie: In addition to a recent spread in V Magazine , Kylie did a '60s-inspired editorial with that was very glamorous indeed.

The makeup looks were so fab, that I just had to try my own hand at it. Because I'm generally lazy (and practical), I went for the most simple/wearable look: a Mad Men-worthy cat eye, paired with false lashes and a gloriously mod pink lipstick. Let's take a look:

The Basics:

  • Foundation: I've really been liking my trusty Koh Gen Doh Moisture Foundation — it's a natural product that photographs well. The only caveat? It's sky-high price (I'm currently laying in wait for it to go on sale on Hautelook, which usually does a Koh Gen Doh flash sale every few months).
  • Blush: go for a neutral shade, or even a bronzer, and apply lightly in the hollows of your cheeks.
  • Eyebrows: if you have an arch, accentuate it! I don't have an arch, so I just filled in the sparse areas.

The Eyeshadow

I went a little more dramatic with shadow than I usually do, painting a contouring shade into my socket line and focusing on the outer and inner corners. I experimented with a lot of colors, but the bottom line? A shimmery (for a wet look that youthens it up) shade in a medium-toned warm brown should do nicely for the crease, while a lighter taupe or nude shade (also shimmery!) should cover the rest of the lid.

The Eyeliner

Go for a bold line — I used more of my gel eyeliner in one sitting than I usually do in a week... and it still could have been more dramatic. Think Anna Karina.

The Eyelashes

I think I talked of my fear of falsies in my Kaylee Frye tutorial, but this look all but required them, so I just had to suck it up get over it. I made things a little easier for myself by using a single falsie cut in half — that way, it was much easier to fit and line up, as it was smaller and more manageable.

Also: eyelash curler. And mascara.

The Lips

I didn't have Kylie's exact color, so I did some creative mixing. Revlon Matte Colorburst Balm in Showy was, while very retro, just a touch too violet, so I layered some of my new favorite nude shade, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Nude Rose on top to chill it out a bit.

So there you have it!

P.S. There was some sort of monster spider living in the ivy that I took all these pictures by, and it ate me alive. I'm now covered in huge welts... beauty is pain?

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram; Rosie Narasaki (6)