Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn: Popular Craft Ideas Trending at the Ultimate Hipster Hub of Creativity

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Being the paper addict I am, I eagerly anticipate Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. And I buy more greeting cards and little notebooks than one person can reasonably use. (Confession: I don’t even write in most of them because I don’t want to mess them up.) I also make my own cards and various other crafty things. But because life is not a competition, I love to see what the actual professionals are coming up with, and so Renegade gets marked on my calendar months in advance. It's an ideal setting — on the Williamsburg waterfront, no less — to see first-hand what’s new and trending in the world of crafting.

The Renegade fairs — there are now seven in different cities around the country and in London — bring together artists and crafters from all over, part-timers hoping to quit their day jobs, as well as those making a career of it. What they all have in common is passion, generous souls, and a whole lot of talent.

In the spirit of supporting hands-on artists and their small businesses, wherever they may be, here are just some of the wares that were on display at Renegade over the weekend. From adorable greeting cards to ukuleles made out of skateboards (you heard me), check out what’s new on the craft scene.


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