'ONITB' & 'Golden Girls' Mash-up Is Oh So Clever

by Caitlyn Callegari

Every day, I wake up telling myself that I've seen everything and every day I am proven wrong... by the internet. The newest thing to come my way and shock me? The Golden Girls theme song edited to scenes from Orange is the New Black , confusing and delighting me all at the same time. A lesson, for sure, in being a know-it-all. Because I did not know this could or would happen, and how positively entertaining it would be. Or how fitting.

Now, The Golden Girls theme song is disorienting not only because it's a sentimental throwback, but because... it actually does kind of fit with OITNB in an uncanny, "Who would've ever guessed that?" kind of way. If you think about it, OITNB fans, Piper would've been screwed without all of the unlikely women who have been helping her along the way. Well, except Alex. Because she keeps getting her in further trouble and she's the worst. So, yes, they are, for the most part, her "confidants." But the music video also wins in other ways like the unprecedented camera pan to Crazy Eyes urinating on the floor in front of a bewildered Piper. Or, the cute literal interpretation of the word "gift" as Piper opens her horrifying tampon infused English muffin.

Take an entertaining look for yourself:

Image: Netflix