Her Fender Bender Story Is Questionable

Iunno, guys. I'm starting to believe the Ariana Grande diva rumors a little more each day. In the cover story for Marie Claire's October 2014 issue, Ariana Grande talks about her first car accident, and her account of the incident strikes me as as some mild-to-moderate BS. Grande implies that a driver whom she collided with faked an injury the moment that she found out she was a prominent entertainer. In short, she doesn't trust the extortionist insurance vampires that make up the normal person population or people who photograph her from the right side.

The "Break Free" singer told the magazine that she was on her way to Big Sean's house in the Hollywood Hills when she had her first fender bender. Grande remembers that she was driving "like 12 miles per hour" because those roads are mad tricky and this was her first time navigating them on her own. Suddenly, a driver came hurdling around a curve, and bumped into Grande so hard that "the whole front of her Range Rover was wrecked." No word on the state of the other woman's car. That's when Grande and the allegedly reckless driver came face-to-face.

She jumped out and was like, "Sweetie, it's okay, it's totally fine. What do you do?" I was like, "I'm a singer." And she was like, "Oh, I think I broke my leg." And I was like, "I mean, I make jewelry."

In the mind of someone who has spent their entire conscious life being treated as superior, what can non-specials do to make some extra cash to supplement their medical bills? Well, make some macrame necklaces and sell them on Etsy.

Grande's perception of this exchange may be the way it actually went down, sure. However, her re-telling of the incident rings of condescension and indicates a belief that people will always look to get something out of her. After all, she's basically implying that this woman got dollar signs in her eyes once she heard that Grande was a singer.

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What Grande forgets, however, is that plenty of professional singers don't have the exorbitant amount of capital that she does. Thus, I have a tough time believing that this woman made the connection between Grande's profession and any above-average opportunity to make money off of civil suit or insurance settlement. If the woman immediately recognized Ariana Grande as International Pop Princess Ariana Grande, this story would potentially seem plausible. Who knows, maybe the woman did recognize her as a famous, but didn't know her name. However, this story just seems like an account of how you can't trust those plebs.

But hey! If that personal injury suit doesn't work out for the woman, there's always the handmade jewelry business.

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