Taylor Schilling Proves Cobalt is the New Black

Orange is the New Black, or Cobalt is the New Black? It certainly seems like the latter this season if Taylor Schilling’s blue-hued dress is any indication.

At the premiere for the launch of Netflix in France, Schilling jumped on the latest "It" color’s bandwagon. I, too, wear cobalt to Netflix launch parties. Except my Netflix launch parties consist of lying in bed watching old Disney movies, and my cobalt touch is the blue flowers on my favorite PJ’s. (The red carpet is the walk from the microwave to my bed, because my fêtes obvs involve popcorn.)

Cobalt has been slowly trickling onto red carpets and runways since late last year – Pantone even named it one of their top 10 shades for fall 2014 in their annual color forecast. My prediction: cobalt blue is about to slay the red carpets this season. Is there a betting pool on red carpet style trends? There must be. Because I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.

Not only was this color incredible on the OITNB actress, the shape of the dress was on point as well. Being the sensible but stunning red carpet maven she is, Piper – er, Schilling – followed the golden rule of minidresses: a short hem means cover up on top. This ensemble showed just the right amount of her toned legs, and the high collar and wrist-length sleeves kept it classy. The sheer stripe near the hem kept the look from appearing too demure, adding a little bit of interest.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Schilling looked fresh-faced as always, keeping her makeup down-to-earth and her bangs effortlessly side-swept. (I bet she didn’t even have to do one Justin Bieber hair toss, circa 2010.)

Taylor Schilling is steadily becoming one to watch on the red carpet. Here’s hoping she’s in some incredible movies coming up so we can get a glimpse of her Oscar style.

Image: Getty Images