We Just Can't Seem To Let 'Frozen' Go

We really should've seen this one coming… Ever since Frozen hit theaters back in 2013, fans have become obsessed with every chilling detail about this film. From Frozen parodies to hilarious mash-ups, it quickly grew into a phenomena we just couldn't (and wouldn't) let go of. Even Once Upon a Time is freezing over for its fourth season, which will feature actual human versions of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Hans (but sadly, no Olaf). But it seems ABC won't be the only networking dipping into the Frozen pool. It has now been confirmed that Lea Michele will be singing the movie's hit song "Let It Go" during Glee 's upcoming final season on FOX.

Now, as much as I've enjoyed tumbling down this proverbial Frozen rabbit hole along with the rest of the world (who am I to say no to another awesome Disney attraction?), my patience for all of this Frozen chatter is starting to melt. (Yay, weather puns!) I mean, it's not as though I don't understand the film's hype because I totally do. It's an amazing win for the Disney franchise. I'm just saying that it's getting to the point where I'm starting to feel pounded over the head with it. First parodies, then TV adaptions, and now a Glee musical rendition? It just feels like a little much, ya know? One half of me just wants to be like ENOUGH ALREADY! But then the other half knows I'm probably going to given in and watch it because I'm a sucker for good songs. (How thrilled do you think ABC is with FOX right now, btw?)

Michele hinted at this cool piece of news on her Twitter account last Friday when she posted a photo of herself with the Frozen song lyrics serving as the caption. (Not exactly subtle, but effective!) It's rather fitting for Michele to be the one to sing this particular piece given that the original vocalist Idina Menzel plays Rachel's birth mother on the show. So like I said… we really should've seen this coming. (Also, what are the odds of Menzel making a cameo appearance and turning this into a duet?)

However, I'm sure most of you are thrilled with this news and resent me for even suggesting otherwise. But I'm fully prepared for any backlash sent my way. After all…

(I had to, you guys. I just had to.)

Images: Disney; Giphy