A Guide To The Perfect Pasties For Every Occasion

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Alert, people: Pasties are in. The moment legendary designer Tom Ford added nipple pasties to his models' looks as they strutted down the runway, the fashion world was changed forever. (Or, well, for at least 15 minutes.)

Shockingly, he's actually not the first person to whip out the nipple-coverings-as-a-shirt trend during fashion week: Miley Cyrus wore pasties at the Alexander Wang after party in New York earlier this month. Sure, when she wore 'em nobody was jumping on the trend — Cyrus' fans might adore her, but that doesn't mean they're delusional enough to bring her weed-print bodysuits into their everyday wardrobe. However, now that the pasty has Tom Ford's seal of approval, nipple adornments might officially be cool. I mean, the man has a Jay Z song named after him. What's hipper than that?

And the way I figure, why fight it? If #freethenipple was just a tad too extremist for you, the pasty trend might be the perfect good-girl alternative. I mean, it's practically PG. Ready to jump on this super-practical fashion fad, but not sure which pasties are best for which occasion? Don't worry — I've got you covered. From the first day of school to meeting your S.O.'s parents, here are the best nipple pasties for every major event life could throw your way.


First Day Of School

These bad boys give off that Avril Lavigne, 2 CoOl 4 SkOoL angst. If you don't want your vibe to be too punk rock, pair with a collegiate-inspired blazer. Yeah, that's classy. ( )

Game Day

These puppies say, "See? I'm the 'cool girl.' Because I like sports just as much as I like pasties." Jerseys are soooo basic, anyways. ( )

Happy Hour with the Crew

So Samantha Jones. Pair 'em with some killer stilettos and some questionable love-life choices, and you're set for a cosmo in the urban jungle. (

Spa Day with Mom

Because you should be pampered, and you know it. (And you want everyone else to know it, too.) (

Clubbing with Your Girls

Slip into some leather leggings and slap these babies on for wild evening on the town. #GIRLSNIGHT (

Meeting the Parents

These pasties will show your S.O.'s 'rents that you are a sweet, innocent young thing that can totally be trusted with their precious kid's heart. Miley would be so proud. (

Image: Getty Images; MileyCyrus/Instagram; Courtesy Manufacturer