James Franco Roast Adds Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Every Comedian You Love

Typically, Comedy Central roasts are D-list affairs all around. Comedy Central chooses subjects of ridicule more well-known for their work in commercials (William Shatner) or drunken YouTube videos (David Hasselhoff) than legitimate art, and the comedians invited to roast the subjects range from Lisa Lampanelli to, well, Lisa Lampanelli.

But it's clear James Franco's roast — airing Labor Day — will be different. Not only is the roast subject himself clearly more accomplished than the likes of Flavor Flav, but those directing insults to him are some of comedy's favorites. Sure, mainstays like Jeff Ross and Natasha Leggero have still been invited along for the ride, but Comedy Central announced the complete list of dais, which includes Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari, Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader, insufferable Oscar nominee Jonah Hill, The League's Nick Kroll, comedienne Sarah Silverman, and Hader's fellow Saturday Night Live vet Andy Samberg.

With roast master Seth Rogen also on board, the James Franco roast might end up looking a lot like this summer's This Is the End — but with a slate of people who are even more likable than the cast of the apocalyptic film. Plus, who isn't stoked to see Hader on board? We're still coping with our depression over the fact that his Saturday Night Live career is over. But, with the man also known as Stefon on board, we know that the James Franco roast will. Have. Everything.