The Kylie Jenner Instagram Guide to Going Goth For Fall in 10 Vampy, Dark Lipsticked And Leather-Clad Steps

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Kylie Jenner is going goth this fall and hey, why not? The goth style and culture suits the chillier autumn season. Out come the dark, matte lipsticks; the lighter, more porcelain skin; the leather jackets; the combat boots; and the red, almond-shaped nails. The youngest Jenner has an edgier style than most of her sisters — remember the blue hair? She is pretty much offering up a tutorial for going goth on her Instagram feed, but with a twist. Kylie isn't just embracing the black and red hues of the season — she's Kylie-fying the goth aesthetic and making it a little more fashionably forward and accessible, as opposed to morbid and overly Halloween-y. She proves that you can go goth with your look, without simply relying on skulls, white face powder, and velvet timmings. It's all about the nails and the pout — click through for Kylie Jenner's ultimate guide to goth.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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