This Is The Smartest Wedding Gift Ever

Here’s an awesome new idea: wedding stock registries. Instead of buying the happy couple a new Kitchen Aid or a fancy toaster, you can now buy them shares of Disney or Apple.

Stock-gifting site Shareswell is bringing the idea to life. The site says: “Your search for the perfect gift ends here and their financial future begins.” And it’s not all that complicated. First, the receiver has to open a brokerage account and do their own research to find what stocks they would like to invest in, and then all they have to do it select that stock on Shareswell and add the number of shares they would like. Guests can then simply search for the registry and purchase stocks accordingly.

Columbia MBA Emily Washkowitz started Shareswell last April, just in time for wedding seasons. Even though it's being advertised as a means of giving any type of gift—graduation, baby shower, or birthday—New York Magazine reports that it is mainly being used for wedding registries. The site is essentially free to use, for now charging a small credit card processing fee.

It seems to be a great idea, one that finance enthusiasts will geek over and that parents will love giving their children as part of their financial education (much to the child’s chagrin, I’m sure). Also, at a time when many young couples are overly burdened by student loan debt, investment in their future financial well-being is probably the best gift they can receive.

At the very least, registering for stock is a lot smarter than these other crazy things that brides have registered for. Nancy Lee, president of gift-registry site, claims to have seen brides register for a pop-up hot dog toaster...

and a Kegerator.

The Knot reports that multiple people register for his and her Nerf guns.

While Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard registered for real guns.

And Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt registered for a $425 set of salt and pepper shakers back in 2007.

Basically, you'd be a lot better off just going with Shareswell.