'Divergent' Release 13-Second Sneak Peek of the Sneak Peek, But What Do We Get a Peek Of?

The first official Divergent trailer may not be released until Sunday's MTV VMA Awards, but don't fret: The studio behind the film, Lionsgate, has a sneak peek of the sneak peek of the anticipated film starring rapidly rising star Shailene Woodley. (Or will this be the sneak peek of the sneak peek of the sneak peek? Stay tuned over the next couple days to find out!)

The film, which also stars Oscar winner Kate Winslet and Woodley's Spectacular Now co-star Miles Teller, centers on a teen Chicagoan living in a future dystopian society that separates its population into personalities. Woodley's character uncovers a conspiracy when she discovers she is a "Divergent," a person deemed unable to fit into any group. Rather than just stumble over to Logan Square — which, let's face it, all the other Divergents are probably doing — she's forced to fight for her life.

And, indeed, the teaser embedded below does promise plenty of action from Woodley, who, in the span of the sneak peek's 13 seconds, throws punches and leaps from a rooftop. See the very, very short clip here.

Hoping to see more Winslet? Guess you'll have to tune into the VMA Awards this Sunday for the true sneak peek.