Steal Blake Lively's Exact Signature Red Lipstick

As essential as a little black dress, that perfect tube of red lipstick should be in every woman’s beauty arsenal. Throughout history, this brave and bold color has been sported by some pretty powerful women who refused to hang out in the shadows. With a quick swipe, red lipstick can evoke confidence and nerve. Just ask Cleopatra, who donned red lip color made out of crushed beetles and ants. Or Queen Elizabeth, whose lipstick recipe included beeswax and plant-derived red dyes. In 1915, The New York Times kindly advised proper gentlewomen to steer clear of the color, as red lipstick was considered an immoral and sexual act of rebellion. But you could assume badass chicks everywhere just told them to STFU because red lipstick is as popular as ever. But if you’re still searching for that perfect shade, the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds has got your back. Hitting UK pharmacies this month before making its way stateside, it celebrates the infamous shade on ladies of all skin tones, because everyone should be able to pucker up to their perfect, sexy shade of red.

The makeup giant has partnered with a slew of crimson-crazy celebs for the collection, allowing customers to steal their signature shade – and hopefully a bit of their confidence, too.

By using some fan-favorites including Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Blake Lively, Liya Kebede, and iconic Russian model Natasha Poly as living templates, L’Oreal hopes to diminish the fear of choosing such a bold lip color. “The correct red should leave you feeling empowered, confident, and sexy all at once whilst ultimately being something you choose to wear and not something that wears you,” advises L’Oreal make-up artist Lynsey Alexander. “There is most definitely a perfect red for everyone and if you apply one tone and feel conscious and aware of it then it’s not the one for you.”

The collection promises to deliver shades to fit every coloration and personal style. The Collection Exclusive by Blake is all about the purest of red shades for the most iconic of looks, and is perfect whether you have warmer undertones or are as blonde as Lively. The Collection Exclusive by Julianne has more vermilion tones that's flawless on redheads and paler skin tones. If you’re digging bright yet warm theatrical red lips, go for the Collection Exclusive by Liyait totally pops on cooler and deeper skin tones. Finally for those with olive skin tones or anyone craving brick red lips, the Collection Exclusive by Eva is an effortless choice.

All of the lipsticks from the collection feature the purest and brightest of pigments, as well as jojoba oil to keep your newly ruby lips soft and kissable. So be bold, pucker up, and #dontfearred.