Was Kendall Jenner Really Bullied At Fashion Week? If So, There Are A Ton Of Reasons Why That's Ridiculous

Apparently, dropping the "Jenner" from her name wasn't enough. Kendall, as the model now prefers to be called, has been conquering the catwalk at New York and Milan fashion weeks, walking in A-list shows such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi. But not everyone is applauding her performance — or so the rumor mill would have you believe. According to the In Touch, Kendall was "bullied" by "bitchy models" during New York Fashion Week because they believed she unfairly stole their spots on the runway, which they worked so hard to earn, using her famous last name and the connections that come along with it.

The models apparently started "acting bitchy" (which really could mean any number of things), and put out their cigarettes in her drink. But Kendall's rep commented to E! News, leaving us wondering if the mean girls antics actually even occurred.

"If Kendall was bullied, she certainly isn't aware of it. She's too busy working hard and enjoying what she's doing."

Kendall insisted that being Kim Kardashian's sister has not helped her; if anything, it's worked against her, and she has had to work even harder to be taken seriously.

I've never particularly liked Kendall (not so much because of her last name as the fact that she dated Harry Styles, but that's another story), but I'll concede — she's blown me away at fashion week. I dare you to admit the girl isn't killing it on the runway.

If the bullying is really occurring, it's ridiculous, and here's why:

  1. She's talented. Simple as that. She does the job that she was hired to do, and she does it well.
  2. In today's world, who doesn't utilize connections? Are you really going to tell me if your dad, best friend, or random acquaintance you met at a bar knew an executive at, worked for, or just had the email of someone in HR at your dream company, you wouldn't call in that favor? We all network, we all use connections, just because her connections are bigger than others doesn't make them any less credible.
  3. This is not high school. This is high fashion. Designers take their runway shows very seriously and pour a lot of labor and care into them. I highly doubt Marc Jacobs would hire someone who wasn't deserving of the job just because Kanye asked him to.

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