9 Essential Curry Recipes to Spice Things Up This Fall

We need to talk. You’ve been seeing curry on the side for years, in the Indian buffet line, and between orders of pad see ew. You love the way it makes you feel, the way a bowl of creamy veggies and rice gets you, no questions asked. But still, you keep things casual. Relationships take work, after all — and you’re just not ready to bring curry home.

It’s time to get serious. On the coldest days, curry has always been there for you, warming you up from the inside out — and now, it wants to be part of your life. This fall, when you can’t look at another butternut squash, come home to one of these essential curry recipes, from Mauritian pumpkin to Japanese kare. You’ll choose your weapon — curry paste or powder — and then go wild: Spice things up with cloves and cardamom, or opt for ginger and basil…it’s your call. Any way you simmer it, you know it’s going to be good.

Image: Crepes of Wrath

Butter Chicken

This is probably the Indian-style curry you know best. Don’t be intimidated by the long list of ingredients — the process is simple: Marinate your chicken in yogurt and spices and then throw it all in a pan to cook down. See? Easy peasy. Thanks, Simply Delicious!

Image: Simply Delicious

Red Lentil Coconut Soup

Once you get to know the trinity of Indian spices — cumin, coriander, curry powder — you can apply them to anything. This hearty soup from Wild Greens and Sardines is just the thing for long autumn nights.

Image: Wild Greens and Sardines

Chicken Massaman

If you only learn one Thai curry, make it this one. The key is good massaman paste, which usually calls for a whole slew of ingredients, from lemongrass to cloves and cardamom. Make your own, or buy some at an Asian grocery store — and then put it to good use in this rich, coconut-filled recipe from Savory Simple.

Image: Savory Simple


Vegetarians, this one’s for you. Green Kitchen Stories whips up a lemongrass-scented eggplant that puts chicken curry to shame.

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

Green Chickpea + Chicken

This Thai-inspired curry has all the usual suspects — curry paste, ginger, coconut milk — but the chickpeas and chard take things to a whole new level. Thanks, Crepes of Wrath!

Image: Crepes of Wrath

Curry Noodle Soup

After a rough day, you need something slurpable in your life — and Heather Christo has the perfect recipe. Curry, it turns out, makes a mean soup broth, especially when it’s all dressed up with rice noodles.

Image: Heather Christo

Japanese Curry Sauce

Sometimes, curry is happy just to be the supporting cast. Lady and Pups takes cues from Japanese kare and drizzles it all over a decadent hamburger patty.

Image: Lady and Pups

Mauritian Bean Curry

We know you have too much pumpkin on your hands. Turn it into curry, Mauritian-style. Wandercrush kicks hers up a notch with thyme and cayenne.

Image: Wandercrush

Curry Laksa

Inspired by both Chinese and Malay cuisines, curry laksa is not for the faint of heart. Lady and Pups whips up an aromatic batch with galangal, lemongrass, and shrimp paste — because when we make curry, it’s go big or go home.

Image: Lady and Pups