9 Savory Pie Recipes for Fall Because It’s Not Just About Apple Anymore

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If you ask me, apple pie has gotten a little too big for its lattice crust, especially when you think of all the other fall pie recipes out there. Come autumn, it’s practically a national treasure — not to mention Taylor Swift’s favorite edible gift and your trusty, post-apple-picking recipe. And apart from an upstart pumpkin or two, it’s used to being the only pie on your autumn table, ever.

This fall, we’re giving it some competition. After a whole season of summery tarts and cobblers, you’re already a pro at all things pie — but much as we loved those dainty, open-faced confections, it’s time to hunker down with something heartier. Now that the weather has turned, take back that top crust and walk on the savory side, starting with good old pot pie. Got your butter and rolling pin ready? Let’s do this.

Image: Lady and Pups

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