13 of Taylor Swift's Craftiest Moments

by Lia Beck

If you know one thing about Taylor Swift, it's that she can stitch a darn good decorative needlepoint. Okay, maybe that's not the case at all and the first thing you know about her is that she's a pop music singer. And the second thing you know is that she's fantastic at naming cats. But still, somewhere, at least in the top ten is the fact that Taylor Swift loves arts and crafts. She shows off her DIY skills all the time. If she's not making a hand-stitched Drake-inspired gift for Ed Sheeran, she's making her own jam. (Food items count as a craft if they're "crafty" enough. I just decided. For example, fried chicken is not a craft, but homemade macaroons wrapped in parchment paper tied together neatly with a coordinating ribbon are.)

Because Swift is just so damn crafty and because she shares the photos of her projects with the world (Ed Sheeran is the only one who ever gets the real crafts), I've decided to take a look at some of her efforts. Believe me, these will really make you "ooh" and "aah" and say, "Jeez, Taylor Swift is such a cat lady who probably has a charge card to Jo-Ann Fabrics."

Let's take a look.

The Needlepoints

Swift made needlepoint presents for both her friend Ed Sheeran and her brother, Austin. If you heard about the one for Sheeran, but not the one for Austin, that totally makes sense.

The Apple Pie

This is what I'm talking about when I say that some foods count as crafts and some don't. An apple pie with a lattice top and a heart definitely counts.

The American Flag Cake

Ditto for this American flag cake, which was another one of Swift's creations during her very intense, friend-filled Fourth of July weekend.

The Christmas Cards

Last Christmas, Swift made Christmas cards with Hailee Steinfeld, and they also wore giant ribbons on their heads as one does when making extremely twee Christmas cards.

The Jam

Swift made jam for Sheeran (see, I told you he gets all the crafts!) and wrote a message on it that references the famous Kanye West interruption of 2009. (P.S. Oh, ma gawd, y'all, that was in 2009!)

The Chalkboard

This chalkboard isn't exactly a craft, but she, presumably, wrote the quote on it herself, and just look at that wall. That is a crafty person's wall.

The Whatever the Heck She Was Sewing

The caption for this one simply says, "Alterations." I assume this means she alters her own charming vintage dresses.

The Christmas Presents

She captioned this one, "I get sort of crafty when I wrap gifts. Like.. I had to stop when I found myself hot-gluing Christmas figurines onto the presents." Typical.

The Snowglobes

Don't worry, she didn't go crazy and make them all herself. Swift points out that she made these with friends.

The Shell

So the shell isn't one of Swift's best efforts, but I just wanted you to see the variety of her work.

The Easter Eggs

As for these Easter eggs, Swift doesn't explicitly state that she helped dye them, but come on. We all know she did.

The Watercolors

I could see framing these and hanging them in my nonexistent half bath.

Her Gift for a Fan

Swift became rather close to one of her fans and attended her bridal shower. What did she bring along? A Taylor Swift original, of course.

What do you think? Are you inspired? Go on! Get out there and paint your own watercolors! Make your own snowglobes even though you'll be five months too early! If Swift can do it, you can too.

Images: Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld, Gena Gabrielle/Instagram