Who Will Die In 'Revenge' Season 4? Let's Weigh The Chances Of The Hamptons Elite

Here's the deal, guys. When it comes to Revenge, there is absolutely no character who is safe from death. Remember when Declan died in the Grayson Global blast? Yeah, who saw that coming? Definitely not me. But as it is with any show, there are some characters more prone to being killed off than others. In Revenge, it seems likely that anyone in the middle of Emily Thorne's revengenda will be the next to go, but Season 4 will bring a Victoria Grayson revengenda as well. Could that mean that could be seeing the last of Emily Thorne this season? Only time will tell but it doesn't hurt to guess. Here are the rankings of who is the most likely to die on R evenge in Season 4.

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If the stabbing by David Clarke didn’t kill him — which is entirely possible in this show — Conrad is the most likely to kick the bucket on Revenge. He’s arguably the most evil out of all of the Graysons — the man betrays anyone at the drop of a hat. If he doesn’t die by David’s hand, I hope he dies soon.

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Victoria is the one with the “revengenda” this year and that could lead to Emily’s demise. Sure, Victoria has a few facts wrong like thinking Emily killed her fiancee Pascal but nonetheless, Victoria and Emily will have it out this year and it could very likely lead to Emily being the one who is taken down for good.

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Then again, you can’t count Emily out. Emily does have the upper hand as she has locked Victoria up in a mental asylum after Victoria killed Aiden. Could Victoria’s revengenda cause her to be the one who dies trying to fulfill it?

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Because Victoria is hellbent on making Emily pay, it’s probable that she will go after those closest to Emily, which means Jack and/or Nolan. Because Nolan is a more difficult target and Emily has had romantic interest in Jack in the past, Jack seems the more obvious choice. He could lose his life while trying protect Emily or just because he got caught in the crosshairs of the two strong, vengeful women.

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Daniel has been framed for murdering a random women he found in his bed. He tried to kill Emily. He constantly tries to ruin Nolan and Jack. I think it’s time we say goodbye to the Grayson heir. Should Emily get pushed into a corner by Victoria she'd have to cause some serious emotional damage to Victoria (like, perhaps, losing her terrible son?) to really ruin her for good. Just sayin.

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David Clarke

We've learned that David Clarke is back this season and he's a little different than everyone remembered. What does that mean exactly? Well, we’ve already seen him stab Conrad in the Season 3 finale, so if Conrad does miraculously survive, he'd certainly be out for David's blood. But beyond immediate revenge, David’s return could ruin Conrad in every possible way. He could be in major danger.

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If Nolan dies, I shall start a riot. So don’t even think about it, Revenge writers.

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Who has it out for Charlotte? No one. Even if Emily and Victoria’s fight for revenge comes down to murder, neither will take down Charlotte. Charlotte is Emily’s half sister and Victoria’s daughter. Plus, her real father is back and will most likely try to protect her if given the chance. Charlotte seems pretty safe, unless the Revenge writers pull another stunt like the time they killed Declan in Season 2.

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If she dies, it’ll be because she's collateral damage. That’s about it. For my money, M. is more likely to move away from the terrible Hamptons than she is to die in a revenge plot.

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