Who Will Die In 'Revenge' Season 4? Let's Weigh The Chances Of The Hamptons Elite

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Here's the deal, guys. When it comes to Revenge, there is absolutely no character who is safe from death. Remember when Declan died in the Grayson Global blast? Yeah, who saw that coming? Definitely not me. But as it is with any show, there are some characters more prone to being killed off than others. In Revenge, it seems likely that anyone in the middle of Emily Thorne's revengenda will be the next to go, but Season 4 will bring a Victoria Grayson revengenda as well. Could that mean that could be seeing the last of Emily Thorne this season? Only time will tell but it doesn't hurt to guess. Here are the rankings of who is the most likely to die on R evenge in Season 4.

Image: Danny Feld/ABC

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