Rita Ora's Silver Lined Bangs Take the Metallic Trend to a Whole New (and Totally Awesome) Level

As far as I'm concerned, Rita Ora's music is pretty "meh" — but her hair game is out of this world. The pop singer is constantly changing up her tresses and the results are quite often fantastic. From a My Little Pony -inspired ponytail to a well-sculpted topknot, she (or her hairstylist) knows what she's doing. But her latest look just might take the cake. For a surprise performance at The Box Night Club in Soho, London, Rita Ora added a silver outline to her bangs. Trust me, it looked killer.

Ora's Old-Hollywood-with-a-twist 'do included platinum blonde finger waves and just one tiny swipe of silver glitter lining the elegant swoop of her bangs. She paired this fabulous style with a super futuristic mirrored metallic jacket and skirt combo (complete with silhouette of Tinker Bell?) designed by Fyodor Golan and a crystal-studded crop top. Her makeup was classic Rita: red lips, silver lids with heavy liner, and major eyelashes. It was a whole lot of look going on, but she definitely made it work. Especially that hair.

This is actually a really versatile way to do metallic hair without looking over the top. I'm not sure exactly how you'd achieve such precision without the help of a stylist, but I think this is a great way to get a little adventurous with your hair color without, say, dyeing your whole head silver. If you're going for subtlety, though, I'd leave the mirrored skirt suit at home.

Image: ritaora/Instagram