What Do We Think About Rita's New Bangs?

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rita Ora is best known for her urban chic sense of style, her blood red-stained lips, and her fashion and beauty endorsements. She is also more discussed in gossip media due to her messy public breakups than for her music in the U.S., which sorta sucks since the singer is so freakin' talented. But she just a rocked ponytail that blew my damn mind. Ponytails can be easy and sexy, but Ora's ponytail was totally modernized and futuristic. Rita Ora wore a topknot that gave her some blunt bangs. Yes, bangs.

Ora, a celeb who changes her hair a lot and who has an enviable and super unique style, showed off a legit outrageous ponytail that served two purposes. Ora's stylist managed to give her a multi-functional updo that faked everyone into thinking the singer had gotten bangs.

Ora's pony is a work of art and an optical illusion of sorts. It's also a style you probably want to replicate if you are not ready to take the bangs plunge for real. To get the look totally perfect might take a few tries, but it's essentially just a ponytail looped through the elastic two and a half times, with the ends splayed across her forehead to create the fake fringe. Sure, she probably has extensions, but anyone with shoulder length hair or longer can definitely pull it off.

Ora captioned her post: "What you mean you can't turn a knot into a fringe?@chrisappleton1 he can lol! #hometimeselfie."

You don't have to convince me, Rita Ora.

Images: Rita Ora/Instagram (2)