Chrissy Teigen Views on Marriage Make It Clear She Missed Her Calling as a Life Coach

I can't stress it enough that I think that Chrissy Teigen's missed her calling as a life coach. The girl knows how to efficiently spend her time, and I urge you to follow her lead. Stay up later on Twitter, cook your meals at midnight, watch an endless amount of Bravo, and cradle chubby dogs until you die. Why? Because it builds character, that's why. Her relatable antics aside, Teigen's wit is what captured my heart and, as the song "All of Me," goes, husband John Legend's as well. But when she isn't trolling him on Twitter, Teigen has some endearing things to say about Legend as well as about the whole being committed to someone thing in general.

Teigen told Us Weekly her fantastic view of marriage saying,

I think you are just more comfortable talking about the future more. I was the kind of girl that never talked about marriage and kids … Now you just end up talking about everything as forever which is very cool. It's nice to be able to be like, "I can't wait to see you with gray hair, it's going to be hysterical." Or, "I can't wait until you have to use Viagra, that's going to be hysterical!"

That's basically just a modern-day rewrite of "in sickness and health" in my book. Her version is a whole lot less morose, but the sentiment remains. Listen, I hate getting mushy (seriously, hate it) but she sort of explains romance perfectly. It's all about having a lasting sense of humor with the other person.

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Us Weekly also revealed Teigen's thoughts on her and Legend's practical family planning. She explained:

I want a huge family. We want a lot of kids. When it happens, it happens. For us it's hard because he's on the road so much and I'm working. People think it happens so easily … but the stars really have to align to have a baby and it is a little miracle so when it happens … we will be so happy.

You do you, Chrissy. Just promise us that when you and Legend finally do decide to make beautiful babies, you'll still tweet prolifically. The world needs ya.

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